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Routine maintenance can help.

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Dear Realtor:

As you may be aware, expansive clay soils have caused some degree of foundation failure to approximately one in five local residences. Unfortunately, they are the same homes that you may be involved in selling. In many cases, foundation repairs or drainage corrections may be necessary to complete the sales agreement requirement. While you may not have had experience in selling a home with foundation related problems, you are likely to be one of the majority who has. If you are searching for a dependable contractor to assist in your foundation repair needs, we would like to introduce our company to you.

Longhorn has extensive knowledge of city code requirements, as well as FHA and other institutional procedures, in regards to foundation-related matters.

Longhorn appreciates those of you who have given us the opportunity to be of service to you, as well as the referrals you have sent us. In turn, we would like to remind you that with us, your inspections and jobs are given rush priority.

Please let us know when you contact us that you are a Realtor.

Thanks again,