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Deep-drilled concrete piers (also referred to as friction piers or adjustable piers) are steel, reinforced concrete piers that are drilled nine to twelve feet into the soil under the portion of the foundation that is being stabilized. A steel reinforced concrete pier cap is poured on top of each pier. Depending on the soil and the weight of the foundation, either single or double shaft deep-drilled concrete piers are placed in uniform intervals (usually at six-foot centers) along the foundation perimeter where settling and/or rotation (twisting) occurred.

Hydraulic jacks placed on the pier cap are used to raise the foundation. Solid concrete blocks are placed between the foundation and the pier cap, and steel shims are used as spacers between the block and the foundation. An important advantage of deep-drilled concrete piers is that they are adjustable if future movement should occur.

Deep-drilled concrete piers are widely recommended by structural engineers and soil specialists in the Metroplex. This is the only method used by Longhorn.

When properly installed, deep-drilled concrete piers provide years of trouble-free foundation stability. This method is also the most cost-effective option available to homeowners. Foundation repair using deep-drilled concrete piers is accepted by VA, FHA and Conventional loan companies.