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Drainage systems are used to provide moisture control at the supporting soil to minimize foundation movement.


  • to move trap water away from the foundation
  • to trap and remove excess underground water
  • to prevent support soil from eroding away from your foundation

    There are three types of drains...

    AREA DRAINS    Click here to see an example.

    Area drains are used to drain low areas where water collects, causing uneven foundation movement. If the low areas cannot be filled, drain heads are placed at the lowest points where water stands. A PVC pipe system carried the water away.

    FRENCH DRAINS    Click here to see an example.

    French drains are "invisible" trenches in which perforated PVC pipe is installed. This pipe is wrapped in Geotech cloth which prevents soils and debris from clogging the holes. The pipe is then placed in gravel and covered with soil and grass, providing a drainage trench to trap and carry off large quantities of water. French drains are widely used to prevent surface run-off and ground water from saturating major foundation areas.

    SWALES    Click here to see an example.

    Swales are gently-sloping trenches used to drain large quanitities of run-off water. If the property has enough slope, swales are simpler and less expensive alternatives to AREA and FRENCH DRAINS.

    All drainage systems are for moisture control. The unique characteristics associated with your home will determine the system that best meets your needs.